Flanaess 2018 Edition Pre Release 4



First a shout out to all of you who just joined, thank you so much helping out mapping Greyhawk!
To all of you I need to make an apology for the single minded focus at the moment, the Flanaess Full Map 2018 update is a major undertaking with hundreds of hours invested the past 4-5 months.
Now only the home stretch left, with pre-release version 4. This is a major update, the biggest so far with lots of terrain edits and a number of things added and corrected. Here is the update list:

Terrain Map Edits:

- Refined Coastlines

- Baklunish West overhaul for variation

- Baklunish coastal areas and islands are now home to forests and way more variety to better match text sources

- River systems added in the horned Lands and Land of Iuz

- Meteor Crater added in the Abbor-Alz

- Rivers added in the Abbor-Alz

- Ocean depths are slightly blurred

- Lots of minor corrections    

Added the Provences of  Greyhawk

Added City of Bureis

Added sea lanes to Bureis

Changed icon for Kongen-Thulnir

Added Gnomiskillin

Added Rigodruok

Changed symbol of the Zagig Bridge

Changed Keaton to Keaford 

Changed Ice Giant Caverns to Hold of Grugnur

Added Fort Critwall

Added River Taal

Added Town of Rawlins

Removed Forgotten City

Moved Xuxulieto to the location of Forgotten City

Added Hraak Pass

Added Mt Vroom

Corrected Artonsbruek spelling and placement

Added Hands of Light Heraldry

Added Dunrealta Keep

Added Black Rock Tower

Added Small rivers in Bandit Kingdoms

Added Firewatch Island

Added Minor rivers

Corrected Hellstone Tower label

Added Csipros Erd

Added Ruins of Baklarran

Added a Crater in Abbor-Alz

Added the Great Meridian

Added Sasserine Heraldry

Added Janasib Pennant

Added Ataphad Pennant

Added Bakhoury Coast

Added Heraldry of Bakhoury Coast

Corrected Hardby is a Large City

Corrected placement of Pits of Azak-Zil

Added Star Cairns

Added Salakesh Cove

You can get the PDF version here:

JPG version here:


I compressed this file a bit more aggressively to make it more manageable, please report any quality issues!

Here is a 9 part PNG:

I plan to have a final Pre-Release version out next week, which will be for you to find issues with. In first week of December I will try and fix all the issues you find, and then it will be a Public Release mid December. After I have had all the critical eyes of the Greyhawk community pouring of over it for a few weeks, it is time to create all the other variants of the map.

This will unfortunately consume most of my time, which means not much else to be published the coming month so again I'm sorry for this. But I think it is for a greater good, we will have a better version to use as a base for future work.