What a few hours of "experiment & learn" can bring..


Once day every week I set aside for "experiment & learn", it is an important part of my weekly routine. This can be both a fun and often highly frustrating, but today I must count as one of the more successful and rewarding sessions in a while.

I set out try try and create a top down map that could be useful on a continental scale, using only  Photoshop. To test this I choose, like usually do, to try something not that easy, and match the style and look of my Flanaess map. Hepmonaland was a great target. It extend out from the map and have some good reference material to try and match.

After having spend around five hours on this I must say I'm pleased with the results. With a bit more tweaking the results will be a perfect extension of Hepmonaland. At least half the time today went to figuring out how to go about things. Things could go alot faster once I have the workflow set up and  can concentrate of producing results.

This technique clearly has some potential, so now comes the question where to put this on my to do list... 😉