Flanaess 2018 - its ready!


After a lot of hard (well if mapping can be seen as hard!) work the flanaess 2018 Edition is ready, here is the Release Candidate 1. The first major Greyhawk work I've done in nearly five years, thank you so much for your help. I couldn't do this without your support and encouragement!

Here is a list of all the changes made since last years map


Terrain Map Edits:
- Overall Colors adjusted
- Refined Coastlines
- Baklunish West overhaul for variation
- Baklunish coastal areas and islands are now home to forests and way more variety to better
match text sources
- River systems added in the horned Lands and Land of Iuz
- Meteor Crater added in the Abbor-Alz
- Rivers added in the Abbor-Alz
- Ocean depths are slightly blurred
- Hundreds of minor corrections    

Added Tal Aska in the Vesve
Added Fairdells area  in Highfolk
Greyhawk Heraldry - removed a chain link
Settlements near Tringlee - Harrington, Glodnen, Dariax and Loradden
Brannigan's Farm - Highfolk
Island names near Dyvers
Village of Bracken
New Iuz Heraldry
New Heraldry for the Knight Protectors of the Great Kingdom
Added the Provences of Greyhawk
Added City of Bureis
Added sea lanes to Bureis
Changed icon for Kongen-Thulnir
Added Gnomiskillin
Added Rigodruok
Changed symbol of the Zagig Bridge
Changed Keaton to Keaford 
Changed Ice Giant Caverns to Hold of Grugnur
Added Fort Critwall
Added River Taal
Added Town of Rawlins
Removed Forgotten City
Moved Xuxulieto to the location of Forgotten City
Added Hraak Pass
Added Mt Vroom
Corrected Artonsbruek spelling and placement
Added Hands of Light Heraldry
Added Dunrealta Keep
Added Black Rock Tower
Added Small rivers in Bandit Kingdoms
Added Firewatch Island
Added Minor rivers
Corrected Hellstone Tower label
Added Csipros Erd
Added Ruins of Baklarran
Added a Crater in Abbor-Alz
Added the Great Meridian
Added Sasserine Heraldry
Added Janasib Pennant
Added Ataphad Pennant
Added Bakhoury Coast
Added Heraldry of Bakhoury Coast
Corrected Hardby is a Large City
Corrected placement of Pits of Azak-Zil
Added Star Cairns
Added Salakesh Cove

Changes in the RC1

Added Demonskar Crater
Corrected the missing symbol for Sarndt
Added Far Banks
Added Near Domain local border
Corrected Duchy of Tehn Heraldry color
Added the Town of Synford
Added the Village of Hommel
Added the Village of Flanhome
Added a Small Site near Groucester
Added the Village of Talloc
Added Charging Boar Inn
Adjusted Western border of Bissel
Added Kwalish
Added Daoine Gloine
Corrected Labeled Hardby Mariners heraldry
Added Heraldry for the City of Hardby

It is now up to your critical gaze, so please pour over it and tell me what needs to be fixed and we have about a month to do so before it goes on out in the world.

You can grab the PDF (255MB) here:

JPG version here (252MB):

9-part JPG here: