Christmas is Coming......


Time to reveal what I have planned for this Christmas (or Needfest!) Handout Maps!

This is a type of maps that have been sadly lacking in my arsenal, so it's being given some extra attention right now. 

I'm working on a number of different styles some more mysterious than others, and those with lots of details will come in both Player and DM versions.

There will be maps  covering the whole Flanaess, regional maps and a whole slew of countries and other areas of interest. Hopefully it will cover your adventurers every need in order to get into trouble.

Each image will be up to 6000px for the largest and in JPG format. My Cartographer backers will get my Photoshop layered templates so they can create more as needed. Adventurer backers will get my personal Campaign maps as well with some additional variants.

They will be available for free on my website and hopefully in the Realm Works Content Market spring 2019!