Handout maps - First Batch!


Here comes the first batch of Flanaess Handout Maps. These depicts a primitive whole Flanaess Map without much detail on various materials. From gold and copper through stone to parchment and paper, these are for you to mark the X on those mysterious locations you want  your adventurers  to search for.

You can grab them in a zip file here:

This is just a small first portion of Handout maps, plenty more to come!

Thank you so much for your support!

A quick note about licensing:
I have now changed from Creative Commons 4.0 -BY -NC, and now publish my Greyhawk maps using the Creative Commons 4.0 -BY -NC -SA license.

The difference is that sharing and derivative work now have to be done using the same licence. So you are still allowed (even even encouraged) to use, alter and share my Greyhawk maps just like before, but you are not allowed to do so unless you keep using this license.

Making the change to make sure that even the all the work based on these maps should also be available to all GH fans as well.