New website up!


I've been in stealth mode the past week and worked really hard to set up my new website, and now it it up!

It is far from finished, but the base functions are there. You can reach it using both and but the site is hosted under the new URL. Don't worry, will always work as well, and I'm still using it for my email and a number of other things. A single site to maintain for all my web presence made a lot of sense for a number of reasons, so I decided to have it on my new domain. I now have 200GB of server space, and generally much more capacity, which I'm sure will be needed later on.

There are a number of things still missing, like a dedicated Download section for you guys, my Patreon Members. It will be up soon. A proper search function, and separate sections for each realm of the Flanaess so you can find the right content quickly.

Please test it out and report issues, I'm sure there are bugs to iron out.

Thank you agao so much for your patience with the lack of maps and other proper content while I'm getting this done.