Flanaess Layered PSB file


Here comes a Flanaess map for Photoshop, It has 41 layers with text and symbols on different layers, as well as terrain both with and without hexes. This file is way too large to use the standard PSD format, instead it is using the PSB format, which is the special format for very large files. Few applications besides Adobe Photoshop are able to open it.

This will be the base file for a number of variants of the 2019 Edition, area maps, DM - Player versions, handout maps, spread maps and more. These variants will use more common file formats like PSD, JPG and PNG.

Work on these different maps will be an ongoing effort the coming months.

You can download the 7.42 GB large file here: http://bit.ly/GH-FlanaessFull598CY-PSB-2019