Atlas of the Flanaess - 598 CY - 2019 Edition


It took me a long time, but finally a long time favorite is back!
The bite size printer friendly version of my Flanaess map is back, this time in 11x17 inch format.

The 11x17 format required 70 pages to effectively cover the whole Flanaess. There are some overlap on each page to make them more useful.  Below is the page layout.

Most of the pages are in a grid but I added a few extra pages to cover the leftovers, and create a better coverage of areas that got fragmented otherwise.

Each page comes in JPG and PDF format. The JPG has a 0.25 inch bleed added to cover prints that needs it. The PDF version are better liked by some prit services who have problems with pixel ratios and similar problems with JPG's. This way I hope I have covered most bases. 

Here is an example of the area covered by a page. The inner green rectangle is the area exclusive to this page. The orange area is the 11x17 page border, so the area between green and orange are the overlap between pages. The pink is the bleed area added to the JPG.

Each page comes with a Mini Map, small licensing info, scales and a page number and guide to adjacent pages.

So far I have done the nine pages surrounding the City of Greyhawk and you can find them here:

I will create more on my Mapping Live Twitch Stream tonight at 6pm PDT!
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