The new D&D5E book Ghost of Saltmarsh had lots of details and a few maps of the area around the town of Saltmarsh, which is placed in kind of a backwater province of the Kingdom of Keoland.

My map didn't match the detailed map in the book so the I needed to devote some time to go over it again. Both the terrain and symbols needed work to make it work with the book.

The coastline is updated along with the rivers and forests have been added and the Dreadwood now has an extension that reaches further south than before.

One comment on “Saltmarsh area revision”

  1. Hi Anna,

    I'm revisiting the original 'U' series modules, playing OSRs, but using the additional material in GoS to flesh out the environments and provide more depth and back story. Your update is awesome and very much appreciated!

    Thank you 😀

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