The new D&D5E book Ghost of Saltmarsh had lots of details and a few maps of the area around the town of Saltmarsh, which is placed in kind of a backwater province of the Kingdom of Keoland.

My map didn't match the detailed map in the book so the I needed to devote some time to go over it again. Both the terrain and symbols needed work to make it work with the book.

The coastline is updated along with the rivers and forests have been added and the Dreadwood now has an extension that reaches further south than before.

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  1. Hi Anna,

    I'm revisiting the original 'U' series modules, playing OSRs, but using the additional material in GoS to flesh out the environments and provide more depth and back story. Your update is awesome and very much appreciated!

    Thank you 😀

  2. Hi Anna,

    While I do appreaciate your effort to "keep up to date", I also feel the need to ask:" Do you support every 'retcon' as well?" If you do, you might find your past efforts to have been in vain, as Greyhawk isn't preserved as we all used to know it. Are there regions and their state at a certain point in time, both on earth and on Oerth, sacrosanct or is everything open to be discounted?

    Kind regards

    1. Hi Rylan!
      My Flanaess mapping efforts were originally for my own gaming needs and followed along the path of the Greyhawk setting as it went through its various stages until the end of the Living Greyhawk campaign. This lead me to the 598 CY version. There are a part of the Greyhawk gaming community that stayed with the setting in its first incarnation set in 576 CY, and they have been asking me to do a 576 CY version. Thanks to the support I get from Patreon I now have time to do it!

      These two versions and my own private campaign version will most likely be the only versions I will do in full detail, and if WotC will ever revive the setting again and reboot it in 576 CY, that version if the map will probably be the most used version. Other types of Flanaess maps are in the pipeline as well, like historic maps, but the plan is to keep them less detailed.

  3. hello Anna it's a pleasure to see that we have fans of greyhawk all over the world, i have wrote three books in this world: myranda et le bouquet des délices, les larmes de la liberté, sar qastig profession divinatrice: sdsermet (blurb), see you soon.....

    1. Hi Sebastien!

      Your books seems really cool, and I wished my French was good enough for me to read them 🙂

  4. Hi Anna,

    Yes, thank you for making the extra effort of making two differing versions on top of the time and money it took to create a map of the Flanaess with an unparallelled level of fidelity. What I tried to address is the changes Ghosts of Saltmarsh introduces and it's not just on which side of a river a road runs. The town of Saltmarsh itself seems to have been 'retconned'. It's actually quite difficult to say, what Saltmarsh used to look like, as the original module Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh doesn't include a map of the town. But an obvious change is that it used to be a walled town, as it is shown on your map. The map included in Ghosts of Saltmarsh, however, shows an unwalled village with only a few buildings. And to me this begs the question, when the village/town of Saltmarsh supposedly has looked like this? It can't be CY 576 as it already must have been encircled by a wall by then. Hence the changes Ghosts of Saltmarsh "suggests" ought to represent a much earlier moment in time and shouldn't overwrite any of the two established versions of CY 576 and CY 598.

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