Wild Coast Heraldry


Working on the heraldry found on the Greyhawk Boxed Set cover image. 

Reworking the symbols the knights are using to the towns and cities of the Wild Coast. I'm going to assume that the area covered are the Wild Coast. The shield on the spear banner are Gary Gygax symbol so I didn't use that, but placed the rest on the cities and towns of the Wild Coast that wasn't given any heraldry in any of the published material.

Highport was a wealthy port city until it was overrun by humanoids in 513 CY. I'm also assuming the Wild Coast was not under Great Kingdom, instead maintaining a chaotic freespirit bent. Highport was probably the biggest of them and to this day seem to have a connection to stories of the Earth Dragon, so why not have a symbol of a mighty dragon soaring over the might of royalty.

the other two are more abstract but still fit in with the other symbols of the area, so I'm giving them to the two remaining previous towns of Badwall and Cantona.

What do you guys think, are my thinking acceptable?