Celebrations and thanks...


Nine years ago I moved to California and started a Facebook group called Flanaess Geographical Society as a way to find other interested in helping me map the World of Greyhawk, that little group now have 1,999 members. It was also two years ago that I started my patreon and 20 years ago since I started mapping, so many different reasons for a bit of celebrations. Thank you everyone who have helped me making this project what it is today, I couldn't have done it alone!

First out in the celebrations are an update to the "Classic Map" I did a few years ago. It is a version of my Flanaess map that has only the information that was on the original Darlene map, plus the heraldry from the booklets on top of my terrain.  This version has the updated terrain and are 36x48 inches plus bleed ready to be printed. Town and cities labels are enlarged to be easier to read.

You can grab the map in full resolution JPG here:

PDF version here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/uhn87ogyki5xadb/576%20Classic%20-5.pdf?dl=0

And a 4000px JP version here that is more manageable for non printing uses:   

More news is coming soon!