Flanaess 576 Preview and Progress.


Back home again from PAX, and I will be on the  https://www.twitch.tv/lordgosumba channel in a bit over an hour to do the Legends & Lore show at 8PM EST.

But first a report about the 576 CY map. Progress overall is about 80% done, which might seem a bit off since quite a bit more is browned out on the map above. Most of the areas left to do were very little affected by the war and all the other calamities caused by later events, so they should not take that long.

The only really difficult area left are Geoff and its surroundings. The giants hadn't invaded half the realm yet so I need to roll back all their conquest.

Here is a link to a full resolution JPG: https://www.dropbox.com/s/pg74bjbngn724zl/Flanaess%20Full%20Map%20576%20CY%20-%202019%20Edition%20REV1-%20023_Full%20Map.jpg?dl=0

In the south I have to look into how far the Scarlet Brotherhood had spread their tentacles in 576 CY. Sea Princes are still an independent realm so things need to change in that area, but not much else down in the south need to be altered.

Finally I'm starting to see the end of this long awaited project, and give me a week or two and we can have a release candidate, so please check it out for things I have missed!