Flanaess 576 CY - PAB and AI versions


Here comes the next pieces of the 576 CY map roll out, the Illustrator AI version that is the file I'm used to create the map and a layered Large Photoshop Format file PSB. For those of you who want to create your own version of my maps these are the files to get. The caveat is that you need Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop in order to use them, but for those of you who have access to these programs will now have full access to the map.

This concludes the work on the inaugural edition of the 576 CY map, and it will now be the base for work going forward.  Next in line is the Rivers Map which is nearly ready for you guys, and it will probably be the last of the maps developed using Adobe Illustrator. I have several projects on the concept or start up phases, like converting the Flanaess map to GIS format using QGIS. 

One of the key aspects of my future projects is to make it easier to take my work and make it your own, both financially by using an open source tool, and making it easier to take the data and use it in various way. There will be more posts about these upcoming projects leading up to Gary Con at the end of March.

Here are the links:

AI version - 2.65GB:

PSB version -  16.3GB  https://www.dropbox.com/s/ur25d2o7xd894rj/576CY%20Full%20Map%20Layered%20-%202020.psb?dl=0