More Heraldry


Here is the next batch of updated heraldry, with some more Hepmonaland shields, some from my own campaign and a couple of old classics.

Let's look at a few in more detail starting with a shield from the 3rd edition book Sword & Fist, where they had a Knight Protector of the Great Kingdom prestige class and it came with an illustration. With this illustration as a base I created this shield. 

I like the design, and it brings up some interesting similarities with other Greyhawk heraldry, like Lord Robilar that have a very similar design and the North Kingdom that also have a large reptilian on it. There are possibilities for an old creation story here, an old legend to base campaign ideas around...

Richard "Longetalos" Di Ioia provided the design for the Narisban shield, with a hadn that urge seafarers to stop at the legendary port of the Olman Isles.

Here comes a new version of the Pomarj Hobgoblins shield that I hope looks a bit more like it was made by a hobgoblin artist trying to be intimidating.

Thank you again for making this possible!