More Heraldry


Time for the first of my Gary Con - 50 Years of D&D  bonanza, two heraldry compendiums and a bunch of more shields, 60 new ones all in all. They cover historic Flan and Oeridian crests, or more correctly my version of what they could look like.

I'm running short on time packing and getting as much as possible done before I jump on my flight in a few hours when this post goes live, so I will come back to what are behind the design of these but I hope you like them as much as I do!

Here are the Oeridians with a lot of familiar names from Greyhawk lore...

The shields used in the Compendiums are what the shields looked like in their prime. In the zip file aged versions are included as well when appropriate. 

Here are the download links: 

Zip file with all the shields (647MB)