576 CY Atlas Layout and map revision..


Thank you again for all the help, and here is a new page layout. Tried to improve on the Thillonrian peninsula without increasing the page count too much. Also added a page for the Rift Canyon area that was split up on four pages.

A couple of ocean only pages I adjusted so they now better cover coastlines or islands of interest instead. This way both the Saltmarsh area and the Olmand Islands got a good coverage.

There are a number of things I on the map I want to correct or add, so I plan to take a week or two to make a revision. This way it will be a much more accurate version of the map for the Atlas 2020 - Revision 1. What do you guys think is it worth delaying it a couple of weeks to get a better map?

Things to corect are the Kron Hills area belonged to Nulb back in 576 CY, Alhaster was not Red Hand and Perrenland hadn't expanded as much into the east among other things.