Flanaess 576 CY - Revision 1 - release candidate


Here it is - a first revision of of the 576 CY map. Here is the list of changes:

- Yellowreach - added - from White Plume Mountain

 - The Grey Run river - Added - from the Gord Books

- Dun Mounds - added - from casl Entertainment and Lord Gosumba

- Perrenland NE - province removed and border adjustments

- Avon Fyn and Olve Water rivers - corrected

- Town of Marich replaces Sterich Road and Javan Ferry

- Moved the border south of Camp Adalorn.

- Kron Hills belonged to Verbobonc at the time - corrected

- Ruined City of Fleeth - added

- Border between Greyhawk and the Duchy of Urnst was moved east in an agreement between the two states signed in 584CY (From the Ashes Campaign Book p7)

- Hindewode changed to Quaalwood

Please tell me if there are any mistakes and other things to change, I want a really good map as a base for the Atlas.

You can grab it here: