How much is enough, 75 or 96 pages?


Normally I'm the kind of person who tries to plan my projects and try to make big decisions early to make sure I don't make major mistakes. In this case I'm starting to realize I might be heading off in the wrong direction.

The idea of a landscape layout of the Atlas seemed cool and functional, but before I made a firm commitment I decided to look at the dozen or so atlases I have. This made me realize that the smart way to design an atlas is to make use of both pages by having each map cover a whole spread,  that way you get more continuous map coverage.

With this insight and Sinam's good comment on the last post I started to design a page layout based on portrait spreads, and trying to make them cover logical areas. With a 96 page layout we can get what I think is a much more useful Atlas.

So now comes the big question a 75  or 96 page atlas? Both alternatives will need a number of extra pages for credits, legend, overview maps, covers etc. So we are looking at around 80 or 100 pages. Pages are a cost and hassle to print, but a more useful end product can be a huge boon too.

What are your opinions on this?
I'm asking this first and if there are people on both sides on this issue, we need a poll to get the answer. But let's discuss first.