Let's aim higher - and learn from the pro's!


What is this you might ask, it is a a page spread from the of the best atlas publishers in the world and I think we should learn from them!

With a bit of work we can make this atlas become the best ever made for a fantasy world.  By using the whole spread we can use side margin to list all the places (and maybe other features as well) and add a grid to find them. This is something I will need help with, analyse each map and list all the places and coordinates in an Excel spreadsheet. A byproduct will be a list with all the settlements in Greyhawk. The size of the greid have to be determined, and lets try and make it something useful like 50 miles or so. 

I'll have an example page ready in a few days, so we can work out the details and see how big the map will actually be. When we have the map size of a spread we can split up the continent properly, but it will be in the 95-100 pages range I'm pretty sure. With that many pages we can cover every part fairly properly, and set a new standard for fantasy atlases.

Thank you again for helping me realize this!!! 🙂