More 576 CY Atlas setup tweaks.


First I must say welcome to all new members, thank you so much for helping me do this!!

Here comes a new map layout proposal for using maps that spread across both pages. I've tried to keep them horizontal, but four areas seem to be better served by using a vertical orientation.

With 53 maps I think most countries and regions of the Flanaess are reasonably well covered. The colors are only to make it easier to set them apart.

Numbering are an another issue altogether, and this test is a first try to keep the major regions in sequence, but is that something preferable. This example might also show my biases for which areas I'm most interested in.  Each map only have one set of numbers but spread over two pages.

My thinking here is to use map numbers instead of page numbers, since it is one map split over two pages. This saves margin space for other things and keep the clutter down, is this a good idea?

When the page layout and what area each map spread should cover it is time to look at the settlement lists and index, and how we can split up all the work of index every place on every map.

I know I'm being very picky and cautious with this, but it needs to be set up right before producing the map pages. I don't want to have to go back and redo things, better to think a bit extra and do it right the first time.