Making Progress...


My main project this summer is the Atlas of the Flanaess 576 CY, and I'm glad to report is coming along according to plan. Map 1-27 is already done and you can get them here:

The Atlas is my attempt to create an atlas of the Greyhawk setting that can be printed or used digitally. The Flanaess will be covered on 50 maps, each of the covering a 11x17 inch two page spread, and will be available as print quality PDF's both with and without bleed as well as a combined JPG format for digital use.


The atlas will come with a master index listing everything on the map, and that work is being being done in parallel by Duane Costa, a huge thanks to Duane for helping me out with that labour intensive part!

There will be overview maps, political maps and more when it is all done in october. The plan is to have it ready for Virtual Greyhawk Con and it will be one of the topics for my seminar at the con.

The other main topic will be my own Greyhawk campaign and of course it will be presented with maps, lots of maps! Anew updated Flanaess Campaign Map will be available in time for the seminar so you can see all the weirdness going on in my take on our beloved setting.

My next campaign will be set in the Shield Lands in 598 CY, a land now divided between the Knights of Holy Shielding, Iuz, Morgenstaler and a couple of unknown factions as well, all trying to outmaneuver each other in the struggle to take and keep control of the torn lands between the Veng River, the Rift Canyon, the White Plume Mountain and the Nyr Dyv.

One of the major tools for this campaign will be a new set of Greyhawk maps covering a large area of the Shield Lands at a detail few fantasy worlds have ever been seen at, and you will have a chance to take a peek at it during my seminar.

I will take a week off from my Atlas mapping to catch up on social media, work more on the Shield Lands map, my Oerth project and this website adding old stuff that have been asked for, making it available again.

Thank you again all for all your support, very much appreciated and make sure to stay safe!