Atlas progress report!


I'm proud to report that all the 50 area maps are now ready, on time even!

You can find them here:

This doesn't mean that the 576 CY Atlas project is done, far from it, but it is an important milestone.  There are crucial parts left to do, the index needs to be finalized, covers, overview map, political map, legend and heraldry appendix needs to be made as well. The plan is to have it all ready for Virtual Greyhawk Con, October 2nd.

Some of this work is already well under way. Thanks to Duane Costa's hard work on indexing that he has done in parallel, a master index will be ready soon. As a part of weeding out errors a raw version of it will be coming soon, so those who want to help can verify spelling and data so we can make it as good as possible for the release. 

In the meantime I will work on the covers, legend, political and overview maps, and finally the the appendix. So far I have only the heraldry appendix planned, but I'm open for more ideas. The appendixes might not be fully done and ready for the VGHC, the priority is to have the main atlas ready. 

Now I'm going to take a few days off from the Atlas and delve into Oerth Climate, my Shield Lands Campaign and QGIS.

Thank you so much everyone for making this possible!!! 🙂