Print Special: 24x36 @150%


Printing the Flanaess map is very desirable but difficult to do, the whole map is way too big and the smallest labels are so small that only the highest quality prints are good enough. What to do to make prints easier?

How about making everything 150% the size and cut it into a printable size of 24x36 inch pieces. The first two are ready, centered on Saltmarch - Gradsul

and centered around Greyhawk.

Both comes in full quality 200 MB PDF's to print well, with all labels and heraldry is vector. I'll try and cover interesting areas rather than having a grid coverage of the whole Flanaess. Reach out to me if there are an particular area you want to see.

It takes me about an hour to create each of them so I'll have a new one ready every few days. You can get them here: