Symbol Update - Settlements


My Greyhawk Symbol Set have been around since the 1990's with some additions over the years, and they have for the most part done the job. But they could definitely do with an overhaul, some more than others. I created them using corel Draw back in the 1990's and my design skills were modest at best back then, and soon I will need SVG versions of them so it is a good time to take a thorough look and make them look a bit better.  

First out is the basic settlement icons. From Metropolis to Dorf, with and without fortifications. The main thing I have adjusted is the fortification part of the symbols to make them symmetrical and removed some editing artifacts the old ones had. Especially the Village icon looked terrible and is now in line with its bigger siblings.

The  old Thorp and Dorf symbols was some vague attempt of mine to make stylistic icons and they looked terrible. The new ones are attempt to get them in line with the rest and try and convey the meaning of a few small houses or a just the smallest of settlement. What do you guys think?

The relative size is a look at the size difference on the maps where they will all be present. Moving to GIS based maps mean that using some scales this will be the case, but on larger scales the smallest settlements will not present and on larger scale maps larger settlements will have a basic layout instead of a symbol, a first look at that is coming in a post soon.

My goal with the symbols have always been to try and keep the Greyhawk feel and looks from the Darlene map but expand and slightly simplify them to make them quick and easy to identify.