Rittersmarche Area


Here comes an small update that have been on my to do list a long time, make the Rittersmarche area to better match WGQ1 Patriots of Ulek.

Changed the Jewel river to flow a bit  more easterly further into the Suss. The town of Riddlings pass is now moved to the foothills west of Rittersmarche, and the foothills themselves have been moved west creating a larger grassy plain area between the Suss and the southern Lortmils.

The Suel Temple ruins had to be moved east to stay on the Suss side of the Jewel. I think that the new location near the Troll Creek and the Suss fens are even more appropriate.

Oakenburgh and Brenfluss now have the town symbols to reflect their true sizes.

All these changes will be on the 2021 map update.

A large thanks to Vincent Mattelaer for helping me research this area!