Gary Con Seminar Sneak Peak


Sorry for the lack of updates, I've had back problems that kept me away from my desk for a bit but now I'm back again at almost full capacity.

Working hard on prepping for my Gary Con Seminar this Friday @6:00pm CDT on  LordGosumba - Twitch channel.

Here is are the topics I plan to cover:

2021 A new generation maps meet the old:

The old map will gradually be replaced

The Atlas, the Easy to Use Version

Flanaess 2021 Updates

Map Responsibly

Limits of Fantasy Cartography

Canvas for Our Stories

Foundations For TTRPG's - Maps - Stories - Rules

Visualizing the World of Greyhawk

Data Driven, Editable, Multi Use

An Example - Hunold Island

Terrain Creation - Lakes & Rivers - Splat Map - Texturing - Vegetation - Touch up

My Campaign

World Simulation - Dynamic - Local - Detailed - Gritty - Uncertain

Oerth - the Home of our Setting

What is out there?

I hope to see you in Twitch Friday, and tomorrow Wednesday for the Legends & Lore Show at 8pm EDT at the Twitch channel.