Oerth - Part 3: Visualization


Time to put all the data from the previous steps to create an first true attempt at a planet visualization of Oerth. First I need to remind you that this is a only a first take on this and very much a work in progress, but it looked so damn cool that I could wait any longer and have to show what I'm working on.

I've used the elevation and climate model to create a rough sketch of what the planet actually looks like in summer, and it is summer in both hemispheres which is not natural but practical for this purpose. The ocean depths are only rudimentary done in Photoshop and need a lot of more work, as well as the the mountain colors, too many black ones. Despite all these shortcomings, I think is a stunning image!

This equirectangular map can serve well as a start of making a more detailed image of the planet, both its landmasses and the oceans.

Thank you so much for all the support that makes it possible for me to spend serious amount of time on this project!!!! 🙂

A revamp of my Patreon will be announced soon, I'm working out the details, with new more defined  and ambitious goals and a slight adjustment of the tiers.