The Fantasy Mapping Show Ep01!


This Friday June 18th @8PM EDT, together with Alyssa Faden and Jay Scott we are starting a new Twitch Show dedicated to Fantasy Cartography. A two hour show once a month where we want to cover all sorts of topics related fantasy cartography, invite guests from cartographers, publishers and DM's to talk about various aspects of mapping. Jay is producing and giving us lots of good DM insights!

Alyssa Faden is a very accomplished professional fantasy cartographer with a bit of a different approach and produces gorgeous maps with a huge amount character, it will be a lot of fun to do this together with her.

The first show will be telling more about what kind of topics we want to cover, give a glimpse into our humble beginnings in cartography and  generous amount of time for Q&A.

Thank you all for making it possible for me to take the time to set up and participate in things like this, we hope it will be an interesting show giving  inspiration, insights and help in your mapping efforts and mapping use for gaming.

What topics do you want the show to cover?