Oerth Part 6: Oerth Planetary Model v1


I've been pestering you with my Oerth planetary modeling project for a while now, and thank you so much for all the support and interest!

Here comes what I see as the first complete version of my Oerth Planet model.  This only means it is good enough to do the job needed, to be base for start of GIS based mapping. For being my very first planetary map I'm very pleased with how it turned out, it is rough but useful, inspiring and a good base for further refinement and detailing. You know me and my maps, a map can and should always be improved to stay relevant and useful. With the Oerth map its more than usually true!

The updates since my last post are a few adjustments in the southwestern parts of the Flanaess map area to match the existing map better and Climate and texture maps made.

Next up with the Oerth Planetary Project is to look at polar ice and ice ages, that is coming in a few weeks.

Work on a secret Greyhawk project have also started. Something different from what I'm normally do, that have been on my to do list  for a long time, and thanks to your support I know have the time to start working on it. I will work on a sample that will be posted here for Patreon members only in a couple of weeks, and presented publicly on the next episode of the Fantasy Mapping Show. Then we will see how well it is received, if you guys like it and think it is a good idea it will be a part of my Greyhawk mapping going forward, if not then it will be one of many abandoned projects.