Secret Project: Is this something to pursue?


I've been a fan of the maps in Adventure Begins and From the Ashes by Sam Wood since I saw them but never made anything with that admiration. Also a hand drawn fantasy mapping style similar to Sam's is something I've been missing in my repertoire, and I've been reminded about that quite often. Not everyone likes the accurate "satellite" style maps, which makes sense, they are only part of the maps a well prepped DM needs. 

So a while ago I decided to have a go at making a map that payed homage to Sam's maps. It was not until recently I had to time to sit down and have a go. Work like this requires a lot of doodling and sheer trial and error to try and come up with something you like. 

After couple of sessions I made real progress and started to get the looks I wanted, then came the difficult second goal with this test project. Could I make maps like this fairly quickly without much fuzz and get a consistent result. The answer is yes, with a Photoshop template custom brushes and premade settings I can make a map like this in about an hour.

Now comes the question, is this a project worth spending time on, would you guys want to have each realm of Greyhawk mapped in a style like this?