Oerth Part 9: Planetary Model v1.5


First I have to welcome all the new patreon members, thank you so much for helping me do this, it means the world to me!! 🙂

Here comes the what I see as the final first version of my Oerth Planetary Model, a look at the planet that is the home of the Greyhawk setting.  I've adjusted the ice cover and adjusted the texture and climate model to match, and I think this is good enough to be used as a base for future more detailed continental and area maps. 

It is a very diverse place with lots of interesting adventure and world building potential. Every biome imaginable have plenty of room and often in interesting combinations. Everything from huge landlocked deserts and waste lands to remote islands far from civilization. The frozen areas are as large as the hot deserts and there are both northerly and southerly cold expanses of lands to explore.   

Two large rifts, the infamous Rift Canyon in the Flanaess and a much larger rift in the western part of Oerik. Alongside are deserts, lakes, jungle and huge mountains. Ripe for epic campaign development. 

Large to massive rivers in every climate zone from the artic to the tropics, some several thousands of miles long. Flowing from deep into the tropics all the way to the arctic. 

Next installment in this series will be a look at Cold Oerth....