A Very Big Little Sneak Peak....


Time to give a first work in progress sneak peak of the biggest map update since I started mapping the world of Greyhawk over twenty years ago: Hepmonaland!

Yes the southern neighbor of the Flanaess will come this holiday season expanding my mapped area almost 50 percent. It will be the same style and resolution as the existing map, and hopefully even better quality.

It a straight to Photoshop terrain map and I'm very happy with the results so far,  at least as good as the existing map with lots of character to the landscape. Tutorials on how to create maps like this will come next year as well as textural and shading recourses to  Cartographer patreon members.

This is not real 3D so only top down views, but it will provide a useful and beautiful reference map for future use. The green rivers are just a signaling color I use to see what I'm using during map creation. Terrain work is around  80% done and I hope to have the terrain done in a week or so.

This is a project I have been able to work full time on in secret for over a month now thanks to your support. With more support I can spend more time on this and I want your investment to be rewarded.

I'm working on getting the detailed terrain features right, river valley in the right places, a few volcanoes and hidden valleys etc.  Left to do is to go over the coastlines and water textures and the final overall tweak of saturation, sharpness and grain.

An overhaul of the rivers of all the rivers of the Flanaess are also done. The Franz, Horned Society, Furyondy have received special attention with added small rivers to complete the drainage. The Nesser have been adjusted to better promote its role as the biggest waterway in the Flanaess.

Lots of small rivers got lost when I reduced the resolution from 600ppi to the now used 200ppi, and now those lost small rivers are restored again.

Water depths will be looked at across the whole map and islands will be added in the north, west, east and south to match my Oerth planetary model. Most of the islands are outside the area of the Flanaess map but will be added to the expanded Atlas.

A more complete look at the terrain updates will come soon for all patreons, this is a short little sneak peak for you guys.

Thank you again for making this possible 🙂