Flanaess - Hepmonaland 2022 - Preview 1


Here comes the first look at the updated and expanded terrain. It is important to state that this is still a work in progress with the final touch up to do, but all the features are now present in some form so lets go over the details.

The greened out areas in the SW will be other be covered by legend, credits or cut dependent of format and version and this still not decided.

In the Icy Sea the islands from my Oerth planetary model have been added and even a tiny bit of the Borian (my name) coast. Ocean depths have also been adjusted to match the global continent map, with a much shallower sea in the west and the east and a deep basing in the center of the Icy Sea.

In the Solnor Ocean two new groups of islands are added, both far out from the Flanaess cost.  East of the Grendep Bay are the Boval Islands, group of three wet, cold and rocky specks of land. Good fishing and wailing grounds but a bit of a hassle to get to. They can be inhabited or wild and pristine as needed. In my campaign they used to be the refuge for the Suel ancestors of the Thillonrian Peninsula that  served as their lands during the last ice age round 6000 - 2000BCY. At the time whey where a much bigger single island large enough to house a population in the tens of thousands. Its was tundra and boreal forest back then. The islands today are made up of the former highlands and has a wetter and slightly warmer climate.

South east of them are a group of islands that have a somewhat similar story but with different people populating it. During the time of ice the Estold's were a much bigger group of islands much closer to the then expanded Flanaess coast with several other now submerged islands and peninsulas. This was the lands of the Ur-Flan and they even ventured out and settled what they called the Rifka Islands. When the Oerth warned up and the Flan retreated, some where left behind or decided to stay, and the Rifkas became a home of two of the last Ur-flan cults. Many centuries later and group of adventures Aerdy explored the Solnor and found the now much more isolated and smaller islands that they called the Estold islands. The confrontation and outcome of this is something I want to detail in an upcoming  series of blog posts.

The Nyr Dyv have been given a depth make over including added Isles of Woe hidden under the surface . the first bit of my detailed South Shield Lands map have made it onto the terrain map as well, but in much less detail.

The Nesser River has been upgraded to reflect its status as the biggest river in the Flanaess when it comes to water flow.

The Rushmoors will get a proper water flow, splitting up the Javan into the Kla'arkash River that merges with the Lort to form the mighty Sheldomar.

In the Dramidj the Janasib islands are now included in the small westward expansion. I felt it was important to give the map a more natural western edge along the Gulf of Ghayar.  The dried out river  from Lake Udrukankar westward is now included, giving the land some badly needed defining features.

Two locations in the Oljatt are added, the Jungle of Lost ships and Turukambi.

The whole of Hepmonaland are added, and I will return with more details on it soon.

The Pirate Isles are given a big upgrade making them conform better to the mini map from the glossography

Ilse of Dread is finally added, it took a long time but now an initial version of the iconic location is added.

A bit of the lands south west of the Sea of Dust are added. These are tropical monsoon and rainforest areas, that still need more rivers and lakes that will be added in the final round of editing.