Flanaess and Hepmonaland 2022 - Preview 3


Here is a new preview, this time with proper legend and credits. This is the first public preview that I will spread the links and information about.

Esyzoom link: https://www.easyzoom.com/imageaccess/5aeabbf11215442dbc9221dde8aec5c0

DropBox link for JPG (270MB):

The change list is the same as last time:

Here is a list of the changes done so far:

Changed the internal borders of the Duchy of Urnst to provincial.
Blackfriar Manor  --> Blackfair Manor
Shield Reclaimed - From Bastion of Faith
Removed misplaced Jewel River text label
Changed Fleichshriver to Freehold
Tweaked the roads of Freehold
Densac Gulf, Pearl Sea and Vohun Ocean labels placement adjusted
Johnsport, river and road adjustments
Blemu Castle added
Old town of Blemu renamed to Harrowkeep
Knurl moved and border adjusted
Nivlek moved
Roads around Knurl adjusted
Named the road from Harrowkeep to Spinecastle, The Harrowing Road
Wild Coast, Town of Blue Bay added
South Olman Isle, added Atloxtin and Mahuatl
Narisban, added heraldry
Ratik, added Cavrik's Cove
Added Boval Islands
Added Estold Islands
Fharlanst Castle, moved a bit south
Mansbridge, moved east and changed to a small valled town
Hochoch moved to west side of the Realstream
The Docks added next to Stoink

River changes on the terrain map

Franz river and its tributaries
Horned Society
Nesser River
Added rivers along the cost of the Gulf of Ghayar

It is about 90% done, and about a hundred items still on the list for me to add or fix. There e will be new updates coming often. I'll try and keep the links working for the two latest versions, deleting the older ones as I progress.