Flanaess & Hepmonaland 2022 - Release Candidate 1


Here comes a first "complete" look at the Flanaess Hepmonaland 2022 map. The legend are now fully present as well everything else that I had on my to do list. If you have additional last minute material or find typos and errors you have until Monday to report to me. Next week I need to start the final export of PDF versions, hexed version, and start the work on the Atlas.

There are always more I would have wanted to add, but that has to wait until the next upgrade. I have a couple of projects for major map upgrades in the early stages, more will come about that future posts soon.

You can get the RC1 EasyZoom version here: https://www.easyzoom.com/imageaccess/8a5bc7f53d9c4cecb845a17c698435f1

and JPG here:  https://www.dropbox.com/s/jtljg67vvnapy87/2022-%20Preview%207.jpg?dl=0

Here is the complete Change List:
Changed the internal borders of the Duchy of Urnst to provincial.
Blackfriar Manor  --> Blackfair Manor
Shield Reclaimed - From Bastion of Faith
Removed misplaced Jewel River text label
Changed Fleichshriver to Freehold
Tweaked the roads of Freehold
Densac Gulf, Pearl Sea and Vohun Ocean labels placement adjusted
Johnsport, river and road adjustments
Blemu Castle added
Old Town of Blemu renamed to Harrowkeep
Knurl moved and border adjusted
Nivlek moved
Roads around Knurl adjusted
Named the road from Harrowkeep to Spinecastle, The Harrowing Road
Wild Coast, Town of Blue Bay added
South Olman Isle, added Atloxtin and Mahuatl
Narisban, added heraldry
Ratik, added Cavrik's Cove
Added Boval Islands
Added Estold Islands
Fharlanst Castle, moved a bit south
Mansbridge, moved east and changed to a small valled town
Hochoch moved to west side of the Realstream
The Docks added next to Stoink
Goldchasm moved further into the Adri
Adjusted Great Kingdom Adri border
Nanonshaven changed to Nannonshafen and moved westwards
Added Flosh Crossing, from Saga of Old city p259
Agnelford renamed Ongleford and moved to the Tessar Torrent west of Knurl
Oddgave Hill added from Saga of Old City
Sharpwall removed
Downslope removed
Adjusted Almost western border
Druid's Well moved further into the Adri
Added Ripper Hills
Changed Blemu Uplands to Tessar Uplands
Len Lakofka's elven town Labelas Grove and Treant Moot added in Axewood
Lo Nakar relocated a bit to the west to better match Amy Crittendens OJ35 article
The Eddri Line of keeps in Idee are now labeled
Heraldry added for Sybarate Isle
Sheldomar River, the first part renamed Kla'arkash River
Shiboleth moved north and roads rearragned
The Black Obeslisk site added in the Rushmoors
Riddlings Pass moved north
Added Rutherton and Mt Rantoloch in Tehn
Changed Sterich from a March to an Earldom
Uskedge  and its  Marchland added to the North Province
Red Falls changed to large town
Baronies of Highlander added
Split Rock added in the Rovers
Legend updated with Imperial borders, edited text and new sea depths
Lo Reltarma moved to Len's original locations on the small island
Pel Reltarma added
Lake Farmin removed
Garrotten moved to Lake Farmin
Manville moved to Garrotens old location
Asmogorgon upgraded to a town
Removed a few roads and sea lanes in the SW

River changes on the terrain map

Franz river and its tributaries
Nesser River
Added rivers along the cost of the Gulf of Ghayar
Chanded the small river flowing through Innspa