More Updated Heraldry!


Here are the next batch of updated heraldry, 60 this time including a few alternate versions.

You can grab them all in a zip file here:

My favorite in this batch are the Hobgoblins of the Pomarj

I'm very happy how the grit and dirt on this one turned out while still keeping the looks of the original illustration of the 83 boxed set. Encouraged by the results I tried the Goblin shield again, and this time I kind of like the result.

Trying to make the skulls dominating so many shields different from each other and look interesting, intimidating and believable is among the hardest in this project. With the Order of the Bone I feel I have succeeded in giving the reclusive cult a good representation. 

I went for a "what if you attach a piece of slate" kind of look, and I like the result.

A classic got a work over this time, Lord Robilar's famous heraldry.

I like the slightly over the top medieval look, I think it compliment the notorious man's legacy.

This brings up the total of heraldry in the new and updated series to 260 with about 100 more to go, which means that the goal of updating all of them this summer is going to happen. Then it is time to start work on a Greyhawk Heraldry Compendium!

Thank you so much for all of your support!! 🙂