Heraldry Update: The Final Batch and more


Her comes the last of the updated old heraldry and some new ones as well. Notable among the new ones are Kargoth, the death knight, based on the illustration in Dragon Magazine #290.  

Next of the new ones are Duke Szeffrin, which is my design I created for my Rel Deven campaign.

Next is a shield I've looked at many times without seeing, on the cover of TSR 9577 - Adventure Begins. One of the humanoids hold a shield that I have assigned to one of the fiercest orc tribes in the Flanaess, the Urzun. 

And her are another piece of heraldry also from a very iconic module, and overlooked until now. Larry Elmore illustrated the Inn of the Welcome Welch in Hommlet, and on the wall there is a shield hanging. It is only in black and white so a bit of imagination have to be added. I decided to label it Nulb until we can figure out more. 

The shield above is an old and decrepit shield that probably was recovered after the Battle of Emridy Meadows and was already old at the battle. Below is a version of what it looked like in better condition.

Mike Bridges did the design of the Sybarate shields with a 576CY,

and a 598CY version.

You can download a zip file with all 38 here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/tfvt5wyz8l05vpa/Heraldry%206.zip?dl=0