Imagine - Midjourney


I'm sure most of you have seen a new craze hit the interwebs, AI generated art. When I got a chance to jump in fairly early using the Midjourney service I couldn't resist taking the plunge.

It is a service that plugs into Discord that lest you use a cloud based set of servers that use Artificial Intelligence art using written input from you. You can then guide it further by telling it to create variants of the samples you like the best. My first test was to create my fantasy cartography office in the World of Greyhawk, and with a bit of fiddling around this is what it came up with.

For what I wanted to use it far the results are fantastic, and I'm really impressed with what it could create in about 15 minutes of trying for the first time. As a bonus you get a whole bunch of great variants giving me screenshots of "my" whole workplace in Enstad. 

With results like that I got in deep and decided to have it help me illustrate things for my Shield Lands campaign "Against the Old One" and yes it works wonders...

creating the backdrop for a promo banner for my campaign!

Now its time to take a look at what this beast can really do, and it really shines when it comes to portrait creation. I need a druid and found this:

and it can illustrate you magic items like nothing I've seen so far..

and a villain from my campaign.

This was a taste of what this tool can do. I have already made a couple of hundred images for use in my campaign and my work, from textures, concepts, illustrations and much more. This technology will be VERY disruptive and change what creatives can do and what they will get payed for in fundamental ways. It is too early for me to have any conclusions on that yet, since the service is only in its infancy and I'm new to this world.

Even if it is the end of things as we know it, it is a VERY cool tool and kind of a dream coming true for a graphic nerd with a world building passion like me. It will mean that I can now illustrate my campaign material in ways I never thought possible before. Look forward to lots of cool stuff...

Thank you again for all your support, more map and fantasy content coming up!