Flanaess & Hepmonaland 598 CY Map - 2022 Edition: Illustrator source file.


Here is a link to the AI file (4.04GB): https://www.dropbox.com/s/d5itd553brpmjx1/Flanaess%20%26%20Hepmonaland%20Map%20598%20CY%20-%202022%20-%20Public.ai?dl=0

All the terrain and other bitmaps is embedded into the Illustrator file. All the text is outlined, both for performance, and for making sure that exports and prints looks right. It is a beast of a file so be careful downloading it and use a download manager if you have issues.

Here is a font guide to make sure you have the right fonts installed to enable seamless edits. 

Text and graphics style templates are embedded in the document, as well as symbols. So all you should need are the latest version of Illustrator, the fonts and a really powerful computer.

This is hopefully my latest major version of this map before migrating the project over to GIS, and it is as big as something can get using Illustrator.