Virtual Greyhawk Con 2022 is almost here!


I'm prepping hard for VGHC 2022, its only a few days away, and my agenda is jam packed with stuff all week!

Tonight we have a Legends & Lore Show - Politics.

Watch it here: @8PM EDT!

Friday the 30th is my Mapping and Campaign seminar:

Saturday I'm playing Saxa Frost, a priest of Heironeous in Michael Mossbarger's game "The Brokenstone":

Right after that on Saturday I'm on the panel in Troll Lord Games seminar:

Sunday I'm streaming a session from my MeyerHawk Shield Lands Campaign:

And then I'm on the "Ask the Experts" stream at the end of the convention:

I hope to see many of you there, and please take a look at the games, there are still seats open in some of the games!