The Good and the Bad of old Great Kingdom


Time for a heraldic historic deep-dive. Together with Gary Holian I'm proud to present a look at the heraldry some of the best and worst of the Great Kingdom, the Saints and the Death Knights.

Saint Benedor

A flaming trident forged from the strength of Pelor himself used by the patron saint of the Knight Protectors Sir Benedor Monlath of Chathold. 

Saint Ceril "The Relentless"

The patron of the Pale and a legendary Pholtian.

Saint Eleador the Survivor


Monduiz Dephaar

This is an old shield that might need updating, but I include it now to make the list complete.


Lady Kath

Also an old design included for completion.

Luren the Boar

Oslan Knarren

Sir Maeril of Naelax

St Carmichael

Urkar Grasz


Minar Syrric

Rezinar of Haxx

and last but not least Thyrian of Naelax

a HUGE thanks to Gary Holian for helping me on this!

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