Fantasy Mapping Show and New Rig!


Tonight's FMS will be a very special one, Forgotten Realms geography, cartography and more with Ed Greenwood!

Join Alyssa Faden, Jay Scott and me for Episode 17 of the Fantasy Mapping Show: Cartography of The Realms, with Ed Greenwood! Ed has been kind enough to share some of his mapping works that go back to the early 70s (one to 1969!); over a decade before Forgotten Realms was even published! These are so awesome and rare, that I am not even teasing them in the post! Frog God Games Sponsor Giveaways for 2 - $25 Gift Certificates! Join us Friday, November 18th, 8:00 PM EST for this truly memorable show and discussion!

New Computer

I've bought a new computer that will be delivered this weekend. It is a fully decked out Intel 13th Gen I9 with 24 cores, 128GB RAM, 8TB NVMe SSD's, 32TB HDD. I'll install my RTX3080Ti in it for while, until the issues with the latest gen GPU's have been solved.

It was an expensive investment, and only possible thanks to your support. With this hardware I will be much better equipped for big renders and touch GIS tasks ahead. It will take a few days of reorganizing my office, untangle all the wires, rearrange my computers and set it all up again. So no Shield Lands Game this weekend, that is when I will be at Micro Center in Tustin picking up my new rig.

Thank you again for making this possible!! 🙂