December Update 1


So sorry for the lack updates, its been two crazy weeks here. First the best part - I have a new computer!

My five years old loyal workhorse is now in semi-retirement as my secondary computer and I have a new intel 13th gen 24-core machine decked out with as much RAM, NVMe and HDD's I could afford, 128GB, 8TB and 40TB respectively. Paired with my "old" RTX 3080ti it is an significant upgrade and after a couple of days tweaking memory settings to make it stable it is now running stable and test renders have come out without a glitch. 

My 16K Shield Lands 1 area that took 14 hours and 12 minutes on my old rig was done by my new one in 1 hour and 22 minutes! Love that improvement. Now I can up mu game and have done a couple of tiled renders that have went well and given me good results. Next up is to try and do a 64K test, that is 60 x 60 miles at 5 ft per pixel.

If 64K tiled works it will probably take me about 12 hours or so, which is OK for overnight renders, and it will save me a ton of post work stitching together small parts. Regional scale maps at 50 feet per pixel will be covering 600 x 600 miles, enough to make a dent even on a continental scale. 

Tonight its time to have an inaugural Mapping Live Stream for a first proper work session on it!

Linda Buth will join me, and tonight I will work on Altamira fleshing out the terrain making sure it covers enough of an area for a 64K tiled render test.

Handout Maps Uploaded

The Handout Maps I did back in 2018 are now on my webserver so you can get them from the 598CY download page:

Thank you so much for making my computer upgrade possible!!!! 🙂

See you guys soon!