MeyerHawk - Furyondy


My campaign is now at late Sunsebb 598 CY and the fall of the Great Kingdom have been an established fact for some years now and I have started to go over how that have affected other part of the setting. My current campaign is focused on the Shield Lands and its bigger neighbour Furyondy plays a role too, and as a part of campaign planning I updated the map of it. Here comes a presentation of the updated map and and my thoughts behind the changes.

A More Assertive Furyondy

It has been independent for centuries but still it kept a few traditions inherited from its creation under Rauxes. One of them was that Ferrond was only a province of the Great Kingdom, so the constituent parts often had a lower status like viscounty and barony. Their status a minor noble holdings persisted for many years, despite the fact most of these holdings where bigger and more powerful some many a country.

The wars became a (despite all the losses) a national strengthening event. Not in military- or economic might, but in social and cultural sense. Furyondians  fought, suffered, died and won together and that created a true sense of nation hood and independence. As a concrete symbol of this its provinces where all elevated to major noble status, on par with a province of sovereign full realm.

The viscounties  and baronies are now earldoms, counties or archbaronies. Even Verbobonc was recognized as a major noble hold, by all its neighbours and are now a full county in its own right. There are rumors that Nyrond and the Urnst states are in similar discussions, but nothing concrete have come out of it yet.

More Details

Upgrading the provinces laid the groundwork for adding Furyondy's sub-provinces. To flesh out this sub-provinces I've added towns, villages and more. The names are my inventions and I tried to use names that fit the setting. It is definitely a work in progress and I will add more to it as part of campaign prep, or when I get inspired. A few more baronies are needed I think, there should be more in some of the provinces.

You can get the map here: