Back home from Gary Con XV


Back home again after 10 days in Chicago and Lake Geneva WI. Tones of fun, work and a moderate case of Con Crud is the legacy of Gary Con XV!

Hosted and co-hosted several seminars including a two hour seminar where I went over things like the Role of Maps, how my Greyhawk maps have evolved, Porta Potty Scale, Oerth 2.0, Altimira and more. I will go over all of these topics in a series of posts here.

Below is the inside of my convention handout showing a few sample of my new generation of maps.

I also got to play with Ed Greenwood, in person, that was one for my bucket list ticked off. So much fun to meet old friends and new, I even started to like Ravenloft, thanks to DM Dave from GuildSuperior who ran a fantastic game for a large crowd. Despite only rolling up a random character and few minutes of prep time, thanks to a great DM, awesome players I managed to have a ton of fun and do a deep dive into horror and the creepy side of me..

Attended several seminars about various interesting aspects of our hobby and its future which I will try and write up my view on and share with you.

Thank you so much to all of my patreon members, Josh Popp and Gary Con for making me a special guest making my Gen Con trip not only possible but awesome!