MeyerHawk: Critwall 599 CY Needfest Special Guest List


My campaign have come to Critwall just in time for the 599 CY Needfest celebrations, which will play out in the upcoming game sessions. In order to help out my players I have put together a cheat sheet about some of the most prominent guests, their titles and a few notes about them. Some of the juicier stuff is not here, it will be for the players to find out during the sessions. 

These NPC's are a mix of published sources and my own creations. 

His Eminence - Count Paralen Isenben, Royal Ambassador to Mitrik

A cousin of Belvor IV, and a close confidant maintaining the Kingdoms affairs in Veluna. His job is to keep Veluna happy and close to the Kingdom even if Belvor designates an heir that is not from Veluna.

His Lordship - Baron Tidrus Derwent - of Eragern
Baron of Eragern, Luther Derwent is his uncle. Seen as a lightweight, is in fact the kings eyes and ears in Luther's court. He plays light hearted but is in fact both intelligent and wise, and staying loyal to the king. His job during the festivities is to stay close to Luther and be part of the discussions.

Tidrus gives cover for Mauritian to conduct military action across the border on Iuz occupied lands, focusing on economic, cultural and mediate between Luther and the King.

Sir - General Mauritian Declenn - Lord of Eyeberen
A good friend to both the king, Katarina, Janzipir and Tidrus Derwent, who's support secured his lordship of Eyberen. He is a capable warrior who organize and conducts raids inside Iuz lands with the help of Katarina and Janzipir.

Sir - Janzipir - See'er of Eyeberen
A diviner that serves as the eyes and ears at Castle Eyeberen. He is taking huge risks and has paid for it with an eye and lots of other damages, but he is determined to take the war back to Iuz lands. He is very close to Mauritian and able to provide valuable information.

His Noble Grace - Earl Xanthan Butrain of Willip
A key noble in the kingdom who have been struggling a bit lately, mainly due to his only son and hair who lacks both skill and ambition, and a brother who is disloyal and somewhat of a political pariah. With two intolerable successors his political future looks fraught, he is hoping his niece Annise Butrain can turn this situation around.

Her Lordship - Baroness Annise Butrain of Gor
She is the daughter of Gregen Butrain, who is the brother of Xanthan Butrain. Gregen is seen as a unreliable and villainous force in the Kingdom, so it was with trepidation everyone saw Xanthan make young Annise a full baron in her own right. She has taken to the position with both skill and strategic thinking, eying to replace Xanthan in leu of his son William. She is young but full of charm, and more importantly ambition paired with a good heart.

Her hand in marriage will be a trophy for who ever can claim it, and Annise is seen as brave move by her uncle Xanthan. By elevating her and giving Annise his support, he has sidestepped Gregen, and given Willip more political currency. There are rumors of interest between Annise and Milon Uwilsvale.

Grand Councilor, Celestial Dame - Ubica Darmen Imperial Envoy of Ahlissa
Leading Zilchus Priest from Kalstrand, diplomatic envoy to Greyhawk specializing in business relations. She has practically invited herself to the festivities, by sponsoring it, to see if the rumors of a new push against Iuz and reports of major powers being involved. She is very curious to confirm who is backing Katarina financially, giving her the means to spend like she is, and what she is spending her resources on.

Rumors of Belvor deciding a new heir soon is of huge interest to Ubica and her realm.

Sir - Milon Uwilsvale - Holder of the Heart, Commander of Redoubt
Milon is one of the best warriors of the Kingdom, and a loyal servant of both Heironeous and the King. He has a friendly rivalry with Katarina determined to stay out of her way (and bed) and focus on military matters rather than politics. Annise has more than an eye on him, and there are rumors.....

His Royal Highness - Commander of the Heart, Marshal of Chendl, Protector of Ferrond, Lord of Fairwain, King of Furyondy -
Belvor Stinvri IV.

Belvor attends to festivities to reconnects with his close friend and ally Katarina, plan the fight against Iuz, and show everyone that he is not shying away from visiting the front lines at times. He is also taking a risk by giving his public support to Shield Lands at this time when the rumor mill is focused on his succession. This accents his appointment of Artur Jakartai, giving one of the most important positions to a Shield Lander, what else could he be up to?

Her Noble Grace Lady Commander - Katarina Walworth, Earl of Walworth, Commander of the Shield, Marshal of Furyondy
The hostess of the festivities, and a powerful actor on the political scene in the part of the Flanaess. She is dedicated, charming and spends resources to further her goals. She had many friends and allies, and equally many enemies. Rumors states she is in fact secretly negotiating with some on the Iuzian side. The number of Iuzian clerics she has killed keeps her above suspicion, by most, for now. She leads from the front and shares burdens with those who fights with her, which makes her a very popular commander.

Her social life is both enigmatic and surrounded by rumors, she has no official partner and is known to be both old and not even human. This has led to speculations and rumors, but few are those who dare to say anything. Katarina are one of the most capable warriors in the Flanaess and have proved it many time, and she has the favor of both Heironeous and Belvor.

His Noble Grace - Arthur Jakartai - Marshal of the Shield, Lord of Grabford, Marshal of Furyondy, Count of Crystalreach
A knight of the Shield, the ruler of Crystalreach and the main organizer of the fight against Iuz. He is a 7' bachelor who has devoted himself to the fight rather than family and politics. Had a fell out with the old leadership of the Knights of Holy Shielding, but he and Katarina became good friends, rumors say more, during the campaign against Iuz.

Sir - Arlen Pirtena - Knight of the Heart
Sir Arlen is the current personal aid and a protector of King. He is a Heironeous devotee and very capable warrior. He has good relations with Katarina who had his position many years ago. Arlen hasn't realized it yet, but he is an up and coming star in Furyondy politics. Being the Kings aid is a very good spot to launch a career in Furyondy politics. Arlen is still new on the job and focused on the security and wellbeing of the king, which is seen as a plus by Belvor.

His Noble Grace - Luther Derwent - Protector of Free Borough, Lord of Gorsend, Count of the March
Luther sees himself as central to politics of the realm. The King and those around him has the duty to run military matters and other day to day business, Luther's main interests are economy and succession. He is in fact not that smart and the King keep him close to make sure he is not turning into an enemy. His sons are still to young to be in play politically, but his daughter is the hope of Luther. He talks up her virtues endlessly as the biggest price in the realm. Luther and the Derwent family are rich, but lacking inventiveness and charm, which harms Luther in his ambitions.

Grand Councilor, Lord - Telemmand - Grand Council Representative - County Scribe of the March
Luther's representative at Noble Council is the scribe Telemmand, an expert procrastinator who refuses to make any decisions until he has discussed matters fully with his dour, pragmatic liege. Sharp tongues say that Luther uses Telemmand's presence to appear less unappealing.