MeyerHawk Campaign Map 599 CY - 2023-01


Here are a new version of my Campaign Map depicting the situation at the start of 599 CY.

Lots of caveats comes with this map. First it is very much a work in progress and things that are changed and added as my campaign progress, and I also change things outside the scope of the current campaign to prep for future adventures. This  makes some areas way more detailed and others left more barren. This doesn't mean there are nothing there, it just means I haven't developed that are much yet. This campaign map is both a snapshot of my campaign and an overview of my personal take on Greyhawk. 

My current campaign are set in Shield Lands which means that I've added a lot of detail to the Shield Lands and neighboring Furyondy.

Eazyzoom let you download a copy of the map as well, a warning is that it is a huge map. It is over 30,000 pixels which will cause problems for some tools and viewers. You can resize it to just under 30,000 pixels and it should work.