Quick Update


Its been a lot going on lately and I've been ad at posting updates, here is a short version covering the most important.

Extra Mapping Live Stream

There are no Legends & Lore Show tonight, so instead I'll stream my Twitch Channel: https://www.twitch.tv/anna_b_meyer tonight at 5pm PDT/8pm EDT with Linda Buth. 

I will work on both QGIS, Photo shop and maybe World Machine as well, so please tune in and keep us company, ask questions and such!

Computer Crash

A week ago we had a series of power fluctuations and failures which got to my computer. It messed up my boot settings and file system on two of my hard drives. It took a while for me too check for hardware damage, reinstall my system, configure my boot settings and get back my data from backups.

I'm so grateful I have kept a rigorous backup regime, it paid off handsomely this past week. Everything I'm working on is kept in Dropbox so it get backed up both to the cloud and my other machines. I also use A service called Backblaze that backs up my entire main machine to long term online storage which takes longer to sync, often several days for large files. This is a good compliment to Dropbox.  

Finally I back up things that are done on separate hard drives stored in a fireproof safe. This method was more important back when didn't have room for everything. Nowadays I use this mostly for some of all the versioning files that gets created while working on projects. They have a tendency to clog up even 20TB drives after a while, which tells you I'm saving often, and under unique names as a way of long term undo. This is very important when you testing things and go down rabbit holes that doesn't lead to the results you wanted. This way I can go back to before I branched off.

Now my computer is back up and running again, and everything important are installed again. It has taken me back almost a week but it was a good learning experience, and reassuring to know that my backup scheme worked as intended. 

VGHC 3 prep

Virtual Greyhawk Con 3 is coming soon, less than a month in fact, October 6th to 8th. My Shield Lands game slots got filled up in a few minutes. I'm so humbled and overwhelmed by the interest, ad feel I need to do more. So as a part of my game prep I've decided to run a prep session on September the 23rd at 4pm Pacific, and invite my top patreons.

This will not be streamed, and the story will be slightly different to not spill all the secrets of the VGHC3 game. It ill be very similar and set in the same general area using another set of pregens. The rules will be my my 5E House Rules, that are still very much under construction, so expect some oddities.

We will use Zoom and Owlbear Rodeo, and there will be a tech test session before the gam for those who are going to play. If you're interested, can play on the 23rd, pleas send me a PM using Patreon. I'll use lifetime support as a way to select players if the interest are too big. There will be 5 slots. The mission is to go recon behind Iuz lines in the Shield Lands. Please PM me during the week and I will go though all the PM's and pick the party this weekend.

Thank you so much for your support, it means the world to me, especially times like this 🙂