A Short Update


Since we had a power outage almost two weeks ago my main computer has been acting out, crashing in various ways including shutting down without going to bluescreen. 

After having done extensive testing disassembly with rebuilding, twice, replacing first the RAM and now the PSU I think I think it is ready for prime time again. I've done 6 hours of rendering, flightsimming, various test software and it has come through with flying (pun intended) colors, so hopefully it s back to mapping again!

It has costed me almost two weeks of time and quite a bit of money, but on the whole it could have been worse. If you had asked me two days ago if this was worth it, I would have said no. Deliberately I stayed away from most other creatures as to not want to scare, upset or harm them, I didn't have to admit to anyone that being sole creator making fantasy maps have some serious downsides as well.

Now I'm only a lot poorer but feel energized again and ready to go back to my work!

I'm sorry for my lack of posts and for being behind on a lot of things, over time I intend to make up for it. Thank you all for supporting me, if it weren't for some wonderful comments and well whishes it would have been a lot worse 🙂