GIS - First Sample Map


Fifteen years ago I started to redo my Flanaess map using Adobe Illustrator, the goal was to make a single large map covering the whole subcontinent. Previously using CorelDraw I had only worked with page (A4 at first then Letter) size, the computers and 32bit software back then couldn't handle all the detail in one file. Then I tried out Adobe Illustrator  and Photoshop in 64bit versions and saw the capability to handle really large files, and my conversion work started.

Now it is time again, this time its not the need for size that in focus, it us usability first and foremost.  I started to learn GIS a few years ago and now the bits are falling in place and it is time to have a first sneak peak at what the new GIS based version of my Flanaess map will look like. Superficially they are very similar, this is by design. Everyone who have been using my maps should feel right at home using the new version as well. Look at bit closer and there are some changes, the most obvious are the symbols, there are more of them and they are a bit clearer.  All in all there are currently 998 different symbols, and there will probably be a few more, this includes lots of variations of the same symbol. Towns for example, come in two sizes, fortified or not, and the in various importance from capitals to ruined.

and towns

It is a lot of work but I think it can be useful to have a comprehensive se of symbols when you map a fantasy setting as complex as Greyhawk. A set of simple black symbols will be available as well for maps that need less settlement detail.

Setting up an advanced project like this requires lots of work but once it is done the data can be used in a lot of cool and useful ways. For example using a measurement tool to calculate distances.

Mile markers are added to both roads and sea lanes that are a bit more accurate then the ones on the old Illustrator based map.

Maps can be styled and/or projected differently and the data can be extracted for other uses. One of the most important aspects of this are maps specifically made to be printed with labels and symbols properly sized for the print, not just one size that doesn't fit well to print.

Below is a first test export to see wat it can look like. It is far from perfect but it is already an improvement over the old version.

You can download it here:

Future versions of my Greyhawk maps will be distributed as JPG and PDF's like now, but with  more PDF versions for various print sizes. It will also come as a GeoPackage for those of you who want to use a GIS tool and make your own version, or view it digitally wit all the cool tools offered by software like QGIS (which is free). Next step after initial shipment is to set up some sort of Greyhawk map server, but that requires a bit more work and funds for hosting. There are other super cool possibilities as well, like Game Engines. hat is further down the road but I'm taking that into account when I set up things.

Thank you so much for making this possible!!