Domain of the Despot Giant King Gazetteer


Another achievement of the Greyhawk community, a Gazetteer covering lands far west and north of the Flanaess. This is brought to you by:

Author: Crag
Contributors: Paul “Artharn the Cleric” Jurdeczka, Troy “Cannibaal” Alleman, Dave “Bubbagump” Coalter
Editing: Paul “Artharn the Cleric” Jurdeczka, Cruel Summer Lord, Dennis “Argon” Lovatt
Cover Art: Dan Smith
Interior Art: Dan Smith
Cartography: Troy “Cannibaal” Alleman, Anna B. Meyer
Layout and Design: Lee “Savage Baron” Schaidle, OJ Journal Staff
Special Thanks: OJ Journal Staff For Conceiving The “Beyond the Flanaess” Project
Marketan Military Consultant: Sam “Samwise” Weiss

You can download it here: